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Safety Rock

This is One Way Street’s first CD in a series called “Life Values.” The songs address topics that will help teach lifetime values to young people. The tunes of this first CD address personal safety and can be used in secular and Christian settings because it’s all about knowing how to be safe. Songs such as “Stop, Drop and Roll” to the tune of “Shake, Rattle and Roll” can be taught at school, scouts, or church by puppeteers, ventriloquists or teachers. 

Song titles are:

  1. Don’t Go Out Alone Now I Think We’re Alone Now
  2. Mr. Policeman Mr. BoJangles
  3. Call 911 Da Doo Ron Ron
  4. Stop, Drop and Roll Shake Rattle and Roll
  5. Don’t Talk to Strangers
  6. Don’t Be Cruel Don’t Be Cruel
  7. Alone at Home Carefully Alone Again Naturally
  8. Don’t Play with Fire Light My Fire
  9. Think
  10. Safety Dance

ello Dyno offers and entire curriculum but I really love their music which is available on both CD or Cassette Tape:

“Take three steps back and run like the wind!”
– Lyrics from the song, Tricky People!

“Your children learn simple lyrics attached to memorable songs. They are left with a joyous image of running like the wind… but in a time of crisis these lyrics come right back and they act on them to stay safe.”

David Ham, song writer of the Can’t Fool Me! CD

Music with Mar

Sparky loves all four of these CD’s which cover a wide range of safety/health issues.  They also play to a wide age range of kids and teens.  Your can order seperately or in a set at: Available — All 4 Safety CDs in 1 box!  (for the price of 3!)
Great for character education, making good life choices, building self-esteem, and overall safety issues.
Used in many school systems for
Commitment to Character Programs

The songs found on the four safety series CDs meet State Standard Requirements for health and safety issues children should be knowledgeable on.

Billy Scott – Musicate

I’ve had his original CD “Musicate” for years filled with safety songs.  Also just the backup music on the end of the CD, if you want to sing live with the music.

You can also find safety related videos at his website.

NEW CD out entitled “See Through The Smoke”  Don’t Smoke Best You Can Be Facts About Tobacco Become a Firefit Kid Built To MoveE-mail:  [email protected]

Rich Palmer

Song Titles:911 Handles All Surf EDITH Goin to the Playground Smoke Detector, Life Protector Bikin’ and Bladin’ Hey Hey Firefighter Ridin’ With Style (School Bus Song)

This CD is not even out yet but there are perks for ordering it NOW!  I listened to them online and they sound fabulous.

Fire Safety Festival Soundtrack- City of Dover, NH Fire Dept CD.htm

Song List

  • I’m A Believer – Seatbelts Are A Life Saver
  • Escape Plan Gotta Move Ou
  • You Gotta Stop, Drop… Then You Roll
  • Any Parent Of Mine Belt
  • Out Ou The Sea
  • I Heard My Smoke Detector Chime
  • Safetv Island
  • I Crawl Low In Smokey Places
  • Do The Stop, Drop, & Roll
  • Who Knows Two Ways Out?
  • Yes, I’m Safe Once Again – I Buclded My
  • Be Safe Don’t Crash
  • Don’t Worry, Think Safety

Keeping You Safe

By:  James David Kates

  • He’s A Firefighter
  • Be Safe Around Water
  • Stop, Drop And Roll
  • | There’s A Magic Number
  • Do You Know What To Do?
  • He’s A Firefighter
  • Be Safe Around Water
  • Stop, Drop And Roll
  • There’s A Magic Number
  • Do You Know What To Do?

This is  my good friend “Silly Sally” Shaver who is also from Iowa.  She’s a physical education teacher by trade and has a GREAT CD and DVD on health issues and being of good character.  The CD can be found here:


1. Animals in Action
2. If You’re Happy and You Know It
3. Do You Know the Muscle Man?
4. Go-go
5. Skip With Lou
6. Balancin’ Boogie
7. Workout Surf Out
8. The Hokey Pokey
9. The Freeze Rock
10. Manners Matter March
11. The Chicken Dance
12. Drum Fun
13. Limbo Rock

The DVD  “Fun With Silly Sally”
Co-starring: SPARKY and SUNNY (friends of Silly Sally)

It’s a really fun 30 minute DVD covering both physical health and good character topics!  A MUST HAVE in any home