Puppetry is great art which has been entertaining us with interesting stories, and many good messages.  Puppets have been a great way of teaching kids about different things and subjects. They have proven to be an effective aid in kids learning and entertainment. Whether it is a sock puppet or a puppet made of icecream sticks, the kids are always curious to hear what the puppets have to say. Here are some of the proven benefits of puppetry in education in preschools.

Stimulates imagination

Puppets automatically boost the imagination and creativity of your child. Children often give names to their dolls and make their own stories with them. With the help of puppets, the plays become more personalized and fun for the students when they are free to manipulate the puppets and move their head and limbs. The parents can also use puppets to tell fairy tales and stories to their children and make them recreate the stories themselves.


Emotional development

The kids get attached to puppets easily without considering they are not real. The kids who find it difficult to share their feeling to others can have puppets as their friends. They can express their feelings to the puppets, which are automatically heard by parents and teachers. Puppets can become a safe place to vent their emotions which can create better communication between them and the parents.

Improve motor skills

Children can improve their motor skills when they move the puppets. Things such as picking up objects and holding things become easier when they understand which finger is needed to hold a part of an object. When they learn which finger is needed to make the puppet move, they will improve their brain-hand coordination.

Learn etiquette

Parents can teach some good values to their kids using puppets. Since the children connect with puppets as friends, they will pay more attention to what they have to say. The advice or value will remain in their mind for longer when they hear it from a colourful puppet. Even teachers can use puppets to communicate important learning things to their students. Using the puppets in a fun and unusual manner will always have the kid’s attention.


Boost confidence

Kids often feel shy reading or speaking out loud in front of peers, but they are more willing to express themselves in front of their puppet friends. As they communicate with their puppets, they also improve their language skills. They learn to frame their sentences between dramatic dialogues and storytelling. Studies have shown that kids forget the stage fear when they are behind a puppet. It helps them explore the different possibilities of expressing their thoughts, thinking they are not directly judged for what they say.


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