2003 Mid-America Characterization Conference

Join LAFS For Life and the Des Moines Fire Department on Thursday, May 1, 2003 to Saturday, May 3, 2003. We’re throwing the first ever Mid America Characterization Conference at the Des Moines Airport Holiday Inn, and you’re invited! Registration is only $180 (including lunches).

Conference Speakers

Here is a list of some of the dynamic speakers we have planned for the 2003 Mid America Characterization Conference:

  • Dave Mitchell
  • JT “Bubba” Sikes
  • Liz VonSeggen
  • Pam “Sparky” Moody
  • Cheryl “Kawshun” Evans
  • Mark Ruffenach
  • Patty Meagher
  • Norma “Harmony” Marvin
  • Mark Tuttle